Friday, November 18, 2005

Someone knit for me!

So I'm sitting here feeling guilty for not really having any content to post today, then I realized, duh! I took a photo of the Scarf Me pal scarf I received last week, and while I thanked my pal, I haven't posted it here yet. Bad Amy!

So, in penance, I offer a truly dorky photo of yours truly:

Ha. When I got the box in the mail, I thought it felt strangely heavy for a scarf, and when I opened it up, that little sheepish dude was hanging out amid the chenille. I haven't named him yet. I was thinking of "Mr. Sheepley" or something suitably obvious.

Here's a better photo of the scarf, in action, as a, well...scarf:

Rox was my scarf pal, and I love what she did. Especially because I love the look of chenille, but it drives me batty to work with it. The pattern is from knitty.

Thanks Rox!


Blogger kate said...

there's something splendid about gift scarves. my favorite two scarves are one that was completed as part of a scarf-along, where you sent the beginnings of a scarf on needles around to different people to continue, and another than my sister knitted me in plain old garter red heart.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Rox said...

You are welcome! I cast on at least a dozen scarves for you, frogged em' all! I liked the colors on this one.... so... finally I finished it!


3:06 PM  

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