Saturday, November 05, 2005

Two FOs (includes the power of Clapotis)

So this week was exciting, bringing with it an unexpected root canal, and it's associated day of Vicodin induced haze. Hooray.

However, being that narcotics seem to make me hyper rather than knocking me out, as they do most people, I actually was productive in my haze, and managed not only to finish seaming up my Zeeby's bag, but to finish my Clapotis as well. Plus, I watched about six hours of celebrity poker and world series of poker. My Texas Hold 'Em game shall improve!

First, Zeeby's, which was begun three years ago, when I was in my knitting infancy. It's a bit....rustic. But it will still serve as a lovely around the house knitting bag.

Pattern: Zeeby's Bag from Stitch n' Bitch
Needles: Size 8
Yarn: Rowanspun DK

And then, there's Clapotis. I resisted knitting this for so long, but this pattern really is a bit of genius. It's fun to knit and fun to wear. And the drape is spectacular. Plus, Lion and Lamb? Well, if I had to choose one yarn to use for the rest of my life, I believe this would be it. Money would have to be no object, but this stuff is worth it.

I finished knitting this Thursday evening and then wove the ends in Friday morning so I could wear it to work as a cute little pashmina/poncho/wrap deal with a kitschy brooch:

(I think the work ID really makes this look, don't you?)

And then today, to show it off at an imprompu knit gathering, I threw it on as a scarf:

Now, this Clapotis must have some sort of weird power, because while walking back to my car this afternoon, absent mindedly adjusting the drape of it as I went, I was stopped by a fetching young man getting into his car. I didn't hear what he said, so asked him to repeat himself. "You are very beautiful," he repeated in an equally fetching accent.

If the glass of wine and the walk with my ridiculously heavy knitting bag hadn't already made me a bit flushed, I'd have turned bright red. I walked on, as it doesn't matter how fetching or charming young men getting into their cars are, I don't particularly feel comfortable chatting them up on the street. But I smiled and thanked him first.

But the power of the Clapotis really must be something, because he told me this despite the fact I was wearing "wine lipliner." You know, when you drink red wine while your lips are chapped and the tannins stain the chapped parts of your lips? Not so fetching. Or maybe he was into that.


Pattern: Clapotis, modified to be scarf size (only 8 repeats of increase rows)
Needles: US 8
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb in Tuscany


Blogger Morris said...

Very nice! Shouldn't you be baking a cake?

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Beth said...

I agree that Clapotis is a little bit of genius. And since I love handpainted yarns - the bias knitting is perfect to prevent pooling. Yours is beautiful - and I love the colors.

11:45 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

Good work, Amy. I love Clapotis! BTB, narcotics make me hyper too.

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Jodi said...

that yarn is so so pretty! I want a clapotis now!

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Jodi futurecfo said...


Have you ever seen/touched this yarn? Would it be an okay sub for Clapotis? I am now obsessed, I am thinking it'll be my Israel knitting project.

10:32 AM  

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