Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The VW Cozy part is done!

Remember this?

It's now this:

Pattern: made up off traced tissue paper piece
Needles: US size 19
Yarn: Lion Brand Big (3 hanks)

So now I need to drop off the finished piece and my extra materials this week, and then sometime in December, I'll have photos of my piece attached to everyone elses.

I don't like the way my increases look, because I had to use kf&b rather than something prettier due to the freakin' enormo-gauge of this yarn. But, it is to be covered up by many "embellishments" so perhaps they will end up not showing.

I have definitely learned a lot about increase math by doing this. So now sweaters should be a cinch. I never want to work on this size of needle again. Even with circs, I still had to move my entire arm to wrap the yarn. It was like knitting with broomsticks. Not fun. But the project itself was fun.

On the other projects:
-I hope to have my crusoe socks finished this weekend. I am about ready to start the heel on the 2nd sock

-You haven't seen carlotta progress in a while because I had to let it breathe while I figure out what to do about some bead placement "issues." Basically, whether I can stand the pain of frogging half of the 9" I have done so far.

- I started my Hourglass sweater, with modifications, but have not yet gotten the camera out yet to take some photos. I'm flying on it so far though.

-I've stalled out on my TKGA Level 2 swatches yet again. I'm now thinking I need to find different yarn because I don't like the way my stitches seem to be leaning in the Encore. (Of course, it could be me, not the yarn, but how will I know unless I try something else?)


Blogger Spins said...

Hi Amy, This is Kim I'm pretty sure I met you on knitters review. Is this something you are making for your car. The reason I'm asking is I've recently bought 1981 Honda Prelue with a torn up back headboard and was thinking of doing something simliar. Thanks

12:21 PM  
Blogger wittyknits said...

Yes Kim, I am the same WittyKnits from KR. This isn't for my car, it's for a project sponsored by Lion Brand yarn and the Ohio Designer Craftsmen. A whole bunch of knitters are working on covering the entire outside of a VW with a knitted cozy, and then covering that with knitted embellishments -- flowers, fruits and the like.

I would imagine though, that it wouldn't be that hard to do the same for the interior of a car. Just trace the piece onto tissue paper as a pattern and use trial and error and a lot of math to knit something the same shape.

If you want to meet up at one of the local knitgroups, I'd be glad to help you out in more detail, though I'm far from an expert. This took me *several* tries to get right! :-)

5:30 PM  
Blogger Spins said...

Oh that is so cool. I recently saw an older car on the web that had been covered in what looked to be crochet. I'll have to locate the url (sorry for not having it).

Actually I don't think the project should be too difficult. Basically all I need is a scarf to sew in the back. Perhaps in an eyelash to make it kind of cute.

I'm hoping to go to this weeks SnB at mojoes. Maybe I'll see you there. Have a good weekend.

2:02 PM  

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