Monday, November 14, 2005

I got tagged, by Steph Sits and Knits so here's all you ever wanted to know, and more:

(Plus, posting this means my blog now has 100 entries. )

What is your all time favorite yarn to knit with?
Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb. It's so luxurious. However, I can't exactly afford it all the time. I also adore Mission Falls 1824 Wool, but it's been discontinued. Sigh. Anything with silk in it is cool for me right now. And Noro Lotus is something I'd like to play around with more. It's spiffy and creamy and soft and sparkly. For standard, everyday knitting, you can't go wrong with Rowan. Sure it could be less expensive, but in my book, it really is worth it.

The worst thing you've ever knit?

Absolutely the Ribbon X-back tank from knitty. I substituted Rowan Cotton Tape that I'd gotten on extra-super clearance, and didn't realize that since it's a knitted tube rather than a woven ribbon, that it would stretch like crazy. So after two failed cast ons that resulted in garments big enough for me and a friend, I finished the thing and it turned out to be both too big around and far too short.

I finally frogged it two weeks ago.

Most valuable knitting technique?

Weaving in ends as you knit. I learned it to do colorwork, but I use it all the time.

Your most favorite knit pattern?
This is a hard one. The only thing I've knit multiples of is Fuzzy Feet, and while I like the pattern, that was just as much about it being a great gift. I really did enjoy the Great American Aran Afghan, but can't see attempting it again. I like raglans in general, because they are fairly mindless to some extent, and go really quickly in the round.

Best knit book or magazine?
I think Interweave is my favorite mag, but Vogue is up there. I'm one of the unvocal minority in the knit blogging world who thinks that it's ok that there is the occasional misstep (ie the cover of the most recent VK) because I don't like everything that comes down a runway, even from designers I adore, like Marc Jacobs and Prada. So why should a knitting magazine be held to such a higher standard?

Favorite Book?
My favorites for patterns and inspiration are Last Minute Knitted Gifts, Loop-d-Loop, and Weekend Knitting. For design help, I like the Stitch n' Bitch journal, Nicky Epstein's "edge" books, Vogue Knitting, and the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.

Your favorite knitwear designer?
Hmmmm....I think Kate Gilbert is going to be the next big thing. She does such creative patterns in accessible ways. I like Teva Durham's stuff too, but I think Melanie Falick is probably my fave for the time being.

Your favorite knit blogs?

By now, this meme has been around long enough that most of the usual suspects have been mentioned, so I'll plug some of the blogs I like to read that you may not know about:

Digital Yarn
The Knitting Doctor
The Knitting Brow
My Life in Stitches

The knit item you wear the most?
Probably Bad Penny, because it is lightweight enough that it can be worn year round. Clapotis is getting right up there though.

Who should I tag?

How about KnittingRat, The Knitting Brow, and KnitBuddies?


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Aww... thanks so much for tagging Knitbuddies and listing us. I feel really honored. :)

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