Saturday, December 10, 2005


Do you see this bag?

It's a big bag. It's my primary knitting bag -- a Kate Spade tote I got on ultra super sale a year or so ago. It's got a divider pocket and is big enough to fit several projects, including books in. Just in case my Chococat mug isn't really demonstrating scale for you, here it is with a Halloween pumpkin:

It's large. Huge in some circles.

Then how the hell did I just lose it in this house??? Obviously I found it. But not without searching for the better part of 20 minutes. It turned out to be in a laundry basket, with clean laundry. It filled most of the basket, but yet still, I was blind to it.

The whole point of this Saturday morning rambling, however, is to show you the contents of said bag. Now about half of it I can't put on display yet because there are gifties in there that I have to keep on the mum for a while longer yet. Those will come soon enough. After I finish them.

First, here's the argyle sock I started as a part of my class.

I'm thrilled with the way my intarsia looks, but a little scared on gauge. Someone else in the class ended up with fit problems, and I feel that the hand of this thing is more like armor than a sock. I need to do some measuring. It's Regia on Size 1s, which I think is a tad small for a needle.

Here's our under the hood photo:

Bobbins? I don't need not stinking bobbins. Yeah, I refuse to use them. I like those lumps of yarn dangling better. Blame it on that class I took at Kripalu in February, but really, I do find it easier.

Here's a little something I started in the interest of fun and easy the other night:

That's the Noro Shinano that's been in my stash since the Kripalu trip. It's going to be this:

That's from Winter 05 Vogue Knitting. I liked the pattern when I first got the mag, but thought I wouldn't wear it. Well, I have just enough Shinano to do this, so I hope I figure out how to wear it soon. I don't know why they discontinued this, the colors are pretty:

Off to the shower and then to the Stitch n' Bitch!

Oh, one more note: you may have noticed oddness with ye olde blog template. I tried to get fancy and am having trouble with the CSS in the template I started from. It looks especially bad in Firefox, I realize, because that's what I use. I'm working on it. Truly, I am.


Anonymous Gerald said...

I like this vest pattern. I've got it marked in my Vogue Knitting as well. I'm using 5 balls of the Noro Shinano for my vest. I should make it without much trouble, especially since I only used one skein for the back of the vest.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Tipper said...

That's some gorgeous argyle. Argyle is my new favorite pattern. Sure is messy, though.

5:04 PM  

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