Thursday, February 03, 2005

a bittersweet period of mourning

Wolfe Fiber Arts, my favorite yarn shop in Columbus, is closing their doors, as the owner is retiring.

On the extreme short term, this screwed up my plans for today, as they are closed today and tomorrow to prepare for the liquidation which starts this weekend. I had planned to go there tonight to get some odds and ends for my Kripalu workshop. Instead, I will have to rush out of work to get across town to a shop I like much less and which is open only until 6 pm to pick up some things.

On the long term, this is really sad. I loved that shop, and it was a mere five minute drive from my house. It had most of my favorite yarns, and was someplace I liked visiting.

On the short term again, I may be able to score the Rowan yarns for the sweater I've been hemming and hawwing over substituting for several weeks now. And I may be able to score them at 40% off, provided they aren't totally cleaned out this weekend while I'm gone. Perhaps I can leave a credit card and a list with a friend?

On the long term a second time, I am seriously looking into what all it would take to open a yarn cafe--a combo yarn shop/coffee shop, where knitters, crocheters, and their friends could congregate for a good cup of coffee or tea and some serious yarn porn. I have a friend who is also into the idea. Money will be the big deciding factor of course, but research is something we are both good at, so we'll do our homework and make a decision. I think the Columbus market could definitely support another shop when Wolfe closes, especially since the remaining two are in suburbs on the same side of the city. And I think adding a coffee shop to it will help motivate people to linger, and motivate non fiber-crafters to spend a few minutes/dollars as well.

Cross your fingers!


Blogger kate said...

oh, how i would love to join you in your cafe venture. sigh.

8:34 AM  

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