Thursday, January 20, 2005

One more project done

I finished my armwarmers tonight!

You can knit these up in about 3 hours or so. The pattern is Nearly Gloves but I used 10.5 needles and Jaeger Chamonix, which is a bulky angora/merino/synthetic blend. Yummy soft. I think I would use ssk instead of k2tog on one side of the eyelets that form the diamonds if I did this again. I also find it odd that the right one is so much looser fitting than the left. I somehow "lost" 2 stitches on the left while knitting it last night, but my gauge was such that I didn't think it would make much difference. Oh well.

I made a hat out of these yarns a few months ago, but I freehanded it while riding in a car, and it turned out much too small. I think I will try to remake that this week, and switch from the eyelet pattern I had been doing, to something more like the diamond pattern of these.

I'm also going to have about 1 ball of plum, and about 1.75 balls of the olive left over after that. What on earth can I make out of those? The world's skinniest bulky yarn scarf? Maybe a cowl with the diamond pattern. That would actually probably be pretty cool. And yummy warm.

The word of the day, apparently, is "yummy."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You post a good yarn, hahaha. Get it?


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