Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Another something finished!

I'm trying to get my Jaeger Chamonix stuff knitted before I go to Kripalu, especially since the Northeast just got 2 feet of snow dumped on them. The armwarmers were first, and now I've finished the hat:

Yarn: Jaeger Chamonix
Needles: US 10.5
Pattern: Free Online Pattern from headhuggers

I'm not totally thrilled with that pattern. You can tell in the second photo that it kind of goes to a point. It may have been me, as I did finish this one up over a pint of Bass Friday night at Mac's, so I wasn't paying perfect attention. But it's also quite a bit shallower than what it looks like in the photo, despite the fact I followed the measurements. It's better than the tiny thing I freehanded before though!!

I also made some significant progress on my knitty submission tonight. All the math is complete until I get to the neckline. Now is just the boring rows and rows of stockinette. Hopefully this will yield success once it's done.

Next up, the cowl from my remaining 2.5 balls of Chamonix (the yardage on that is better than I would have guessed) and Sitcom Chic. I'm putting off Bad Penny until it's closer to warmer weather, especially since I'll likely be starting a big intricate wool thing at Kripalu.


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I like finding photos of you!! ;)

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