Friday, January 21, 2005


So now I've combined my abilities and had my writing and knitting rejected at once. ;-)

I had submitted a short piece for KnitLit 3 a while back. It was about knitting while watching movies (specifically Fight Club) and drinking beer at Studio 35. I wasn't sure whether to be hopeful or despondent over how long it took to get a response, but today this was in my inbox:

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your submission
to KnitLit the Third: We Spin More Yarns. We really liked your
submission; it's just that we don't have room to include all the
pieces we liked, and yours, sadly, couldn't be squeezed in. We're up
against both space and thematic constraints and had to make some
difficult choices.

Nonetheless, we hope that you will consider yourself part of the
KnitLit family, and that you'll enjoy
the book when it comes out in September.

We hope that you go on writing, and we wish you all the best --

At least they make it sound like I had a shot. Now, the email had quote marks which leads me to believe they cut and pasted this hundreds of times, but at least they did go to the trouble to type my name in.

Honestly, it was far from the best piece I've ever written, so I'm not really all that disappointed. Must keep plugging on Cricket this weekend to get myself published eventually!


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