Monday, January 17, 2005

So, there was some stashing going on

Ended up doing some stash enhancement this weekend, though with purpose, so it was mostly ok.

First, I knew Wolfe Fiber Arts had the yarn I needed for Knitty's Bad Penny on their back shelf, which is 40% off. So before trekking to Cleveland for an awesome Neko Case and the Sadies show, I dropped by there and spent part of the gift certificate my friend Julie got me for Christmas on this yarn:

OOOPS. I deleted the photo.

The maroon is Lana Grossa Rotunda and the beige/white varigated is Lana Grossa Binario.

I was disappointed that their needle selection seems to have dwindled. I wanted some 5" size 1 Brittanies for the sock making binge I'm plannign later this year, but they didn't have any. I still have about $20 on the gift certificate though, so that's cool.

Sunday, on the way back from Cleveland, we stopped off at my fave yarn store in the state, Fine Points. They have a fantastic selection. I need a variety of textures and colors in a similar weight yarn to take with me to Kripalu, so I got some coordinating stripey stuff.

OOOPS. I deleted the photo.

The top is Mango Moon recycled silk, which will likely not go in the project, but that I just felt I needed for a bag or something. On the left is Debbie Bliss SoHo and on the right is Muensch Naturwolle in Rosenholz. Not exactly a cheap haul, but I'm thinking they'll coordinate well with some brown and light blue/grey solids in a final product. Fun.

I'm hoping to have my Magic stripes socks done by the end of today or tomorrow, so I can get back into the knitty submission in a more focused way. I think I'll be knitting on that this afternoon in the coffee shop, to try to make some headway and start shaping the thing. Engineering is hard to get motivated to do sometimes.


Blogger linda said...

Thanks for the link to Fine Points. Lisa and I might go to Cleveland yarn shops this weekend.

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