Thursday, February 10, 2005

Argh. Knitting Disappointments

I broke down and ordered the yarn for Carlotta from Colorful Stitches since they were having their awesome sale. Unfortunately, they just called, and they are out of stock on three colors. They could order them, but they wouldn't be at the sale price. Since two of them were Kidsilk Haze, which is way pricy, I just told them to send me what they did have, and I would search for the rest, which they understood, realizing I'm making a ridiculously expensive sweater. So now I still need to find:

1 ball Kidsilk Haze in Blushes
1 ball Kidsilk Haze in Liqueur
1 ball Yorkshire Tweed 4 Ply in Mulled Wine
1 ball 4 Ply Soft in Military

Then, I called the Michaels out on Brice Road because I'd gotten a tip they were looking for a knitting instructor. I just missed the boat. Someone called yesterday and they filled the position. They do need a crochet instructor if anyone is interested.

I should add that I do have one good knitting thing going on--my spring knitty submission is close to done, and I may even have it done tomorrow. If I weren't going to see Low/Pedro the Lion tonight, it would be tonight. I worked on it a bit before last night's fabu Jolie Holland show, and got down to the second to last decrease row this morning, so I am flying now, with half the original stitches on the needles.

I wish I could post a photo, but I can't until I have the final yes/no from knitty.


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