Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Car Cozy, Part Deux

In college, there were a few of us that had this running gag based on the phrase "the bane of my existence." It just seemed such a hardcore thing to call something, that we got much mirth out of calling ridiculously silly things "the bane of my existence." For example, "these brownies are the bane of my existence." Or, "The fact that the x-files got pre-empted is the bane of my existence." It was kind of the pseudo-intellectual way of saying, "this sucks."

All silliness aside, I think that this VW cozy is the true bane of my existence, at least my knitting existence.

I tried to start it two weeks ago, and found that the bottom curve, because it is so shallow, is nearly impossible at a gauge of 1.25 stitches per inch. That night, I started and frogged it four times.

Then, I was picking up a friend for lunch last week and ended up behind a VW bug at a stop light. I followed the car for four blocks, trying to commit the exact shape to memory. I think that, at least on this model, the curve was not so much a gentle curve as a rounded corner. Which makes sense, as my pattern piece is not 100% symmetrical.

So I started again Sunday evening, casting on far more stitches than I had been, and figuring out the math on the curve as rounded corner.

The good news? I got the curve math right for the most part.

The bad news? I started with two many stitches, so now it's too large.

At least it's closer this time. It gets frogged once more, and then I should be on the right track.

I still think this project is fun in concept, but knitting on size 19 needles is not so fun. Especially since my other current projects are on size 1s, 3s and 11s. Even the 11s feel luxuriously small next to 19s, which require me to move my whole arm to wrap the yarn.

The good news is, it only took me about 30 minutes to knit up a whole ball of the yarn, so that's in my favor.

Hopefully I will return to this project tonight and finish it up. Because I organized my entire stash this weekend, and got new yarns for some design projects, and I won't let myself start until I get this and my Scarf Me project done.


Blogger auntgerry said...

Hey, I finished two flowers and started on the pair of dice to hang on the rear view mirrow and ran out of yarn. I went to get more and was told there is no more and if I wanted to finish the dice I would have to go buy it myself. I may substitute another red yarn as I only need a little bit more. Your green trunk cover looks good so far.

10:51 PM  

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