Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stash stash stash

I've been taking in far too much yarn lately. I need to get rid of some of it, but prefer to do that by knitting it rather than other means.

Recent acquisitions include...

For my crazy "artistic" scarves project, some way expensive yarns purchased at deep discounts at the Fine Points annual sale.

Alchemy Roots & Leaves:

Colinette Prism:

Colinette Giotto. I *heart* this stuff:

Noro Lotus:

Noro Suriya:

Odd acquisitions that I actually bought with an intent for a specific project!
Pakucho organic cotton from Elann. I originally bought this to make the cover dress from Spring IK, but the gauge isn't as close as I'd thought, so that will now be made out of some Paton's Grace I have lying about. I like this though, and I have a ton, so I'll take suggestions for projects!

Brown Sheep Prairie Silks, again on sale at Fine Points, destined to be the felted Cloche from Knit One, Felt Too

I traded someone for some Yorkshire Tweed DK in my everlasting colorwork afghan stashing project:

I've been buying lots of sock yarns too:

This is Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals. I bought some of this for my SP4, and I fell in love with the colorway so much that when I found it again, I bought some more for myself. I think this might end up as gloves.

My first Koigu!! I got this at Fine Points as well, and it may be socks, or it may be gloves.

Lorna's Laces. Gerry helped me pick out my colorway at Knitter's Mercantile on this one.

At Comfest, I bought some Hemp Twine to make myself a "straw" hat.

Denim Silk, to go with the remainder of the chocolate brown I had leftover from my VK crossover top to make a spiffy scarf or something similar.

My local Tuesday morning had some of the discontinued Lion Brand stuff, so I picked some up.

Cotton Ease in Bubblegum:

And some Wool Ease Sportweight, probably for knitty's broadstreet mittens.

Would you believe there are actually a few more things I haven't photographed yet? Including my first SWTC Karoake!! Hooray!


Anonymous Masterbetty said...

The Colinette Giotto is beautiful! It's making me want some.

I made Broadstreet mittens for my brother in law last Christmas. It wasn't as crazy of an experience as some of the people in the knitting community make it out to be. They turned out rather well, given that the yarn was off on gauge a little, and I totally didn't see that I was supposed to be knitting with a different sized needle at one point. It's good they were a little large, given that he has big hands.

3:17 PM  

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