Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's been slow here, I know. The ribbon X-back is technically finished, however, it is utterly unwearable, despite the fact the circumference is much better this time. I chose to go down a needle size and three pattern sizes to fix that. However, the straps are too long (despite being fixed twice) and the body is too short. I briefly considered shortening the straps, then picking up around the bottom and adding some extra rows then some fancy looped & beaded fringe, but after reading of other peoples gauge difficulty with seed stitch, I think I'm going to frog the whole thing, and make something more mundane.

In the meantime though, my friends decided to award me a special ComFest merit badge, seeing as how I constructed part of my hippy chic while at the festival this weekend. Behold, the freeform kerchief which matches the doomed x-back:

I look like hell in that photo, but it was about 96 degrees outside when it was taken. Unfortunately, my head is blocking Lisa's lovely crocheted tank top, which she was finishing up. Andy's merely looking chic back there. Julie served as our trusty photographer for this shot.

There probably won't be a whole slew of updates for a while here. I have 19 days to finish the GAAAA, and I've hit crunch time in a big way.


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