Friday, March 11, 2005

Well, poo.

I got rejected by knitty this morning, for my capelet pattern which I submitted for the spring issue. The editor did at least call it "really sweet."

Somehow it consoles me a little that it took so long this time--maybe I was really close this time?

I guess I have one more pattern for when Witty Knits goes live now. :-)

I'll post the photos later. Now that they are no longer top secret I can put them up on my photo hosting space.

I also will have photos soon of my mom's birthday gift (which I mailed off last night having forgot to photograph first!) and the second Great American Afghan square. I have been busy lately and haven't had a chance to take the photos as I finish.

I also wrote a whole big long post yesterday, only to have blogger eat it. So that too will be reconstructed soon.

Edit: Now the post is suddenly back. Blogger isn't playing nice with me today!


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