Thursday, March 10, 2005

Miscellany...photos soon.

Lots of stuff done, but no photos yet, for a variety of reasons.

Got the second square of the Great American Aran Afghan done this weekend, and will post a picture tonight hopefully. Also finished my mom's birthday gift, and then promptly wrapped it and packaged it up to mail off, forgetting entirely to take a photo first (though I did at least remember to sew a tag in). Will have to have her send me a photo when she gets it.

On the orange cardigan, I have still not tried washing the yarn, though I appreciate the responses I got. It does seem to have relaxed a bit just due to normal handling, but if it doesn't look normal when I'm done, I think I'll sew a bit of trim on over it. I'm not scared of putting Cotton Ease through my sewing machine, and if I can find the right trim, it will look good with the eyelet detailing at the top of the pattern too. I've got my 14" of body done on this, and will start the sleeves just as soon as I finish my second legwarmer, thereby freeing up my size 8 bamboo dpns.

Yes, yes, I realize I should have washed that up, but I'm terrible when it comes to avoiding frogging. I hate ripping anything out, and have been doing quite a bit on the afghan, so I can't bear to do it on just straight stockinette!

Have heard rumors that there are actually two shops opening in Columbus in the wake of Wolfe's demise. The Knitter's Mercantile is rumored to be opening in Pickerington as a bricks & mortar store, and then I've heard a second rumor that someone is reopening a shop in Wolfe's building. And I've heard The Yarn Shop on Kenny is expanding, so perhaps they'll start carrying more yarns that I actually love (like Rowan! and Silk Garden!) and I won't have to order online.

Still have the yarnmarket gift certificate. I need to spend that before it wears a hole in my pocket. I'd like to get something to coordinate with the Noro Shinano I bought in Massachusetts since I am likely one ball short for a shell, but it's hard to match those colors without being right in front of the yarn while you're doing it.

Still waiting on two more balls of kidsilk haze for Carlotta. That will get swatched up soon, but I don't plan on working on it too much until fall, just because it will kill me if I finish it and can't wear it right away! I also forgot to get size 3 dpns for the sleeves, and I *must* have Brittanies for that.


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