Friday, December 21, 2007

Last FO of the year?

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It's Trellis from knitty, for my sister's upcoming munchkin. I started this in September in jury duty, misread the directions on the first three pieces, ended up having to rip back and re-knit the tops of all of them. Sigh. But, it's done now.

A lot of seaming, and we all know how much I loathe sewing on buttons, but I did it, and it's on it's way to Florida right now.

By chance, this is made out of the leftover yarn from the Great American Aran Afghan that I knitted for my sister and her husband as a wedding gift, so that's kind of a cool tie-in. I didn't plan it that way, I just like cables in this color I guess.


Blogger Delana said...

You've been given a "You Make my Day" Award. Check out my blog for details.

What a beautiful sweater! I've been a bit out of the loop internetwise for a month or so. Can't believe I missed this post.

9:59 PM  

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