Thursday, May 03, 2007

There is actual knitting taking place

Gasp! A finished object!

My cousin and his wife are expecting a baby soon. She had found a photo in a magazine of this hat, so I looked it up and knitted it up on the way to Cleveland to watch te first Burning River Roller Girls' bout.

Pattern: Baby Bunny Beanie by Noe Knits
Yarn: Lion Kitchen Cotton

(And yes, that's a miniature Bobbi Bear wearing said hat. He is an unfortunate experiment. I tried to size the pattern down, and was mostly successful, except the poor guy has stunted little arms. And then, the next month, the smaller version of the pattern was released. Go figure.)

And here's what I'm working on now. Pomatomus socks by Cookie A. from knitty. I love these. I am normally so klutzy and bad at lace, but this pattern makes sense to me. I think lace in the round will always be easy for me since it's easier to see where the stitches logically connect to each other when you're always on the same side of the work.

This is the first time I've ever knitted with koigu and apart from the odd short bit of loosely spun stuff, I'm really loving it. I'm not loving that I broke not 1 but 2 of my short Brittany size 2 dpns on this, but replacements are supposedly on their way, so I'll deal. I do so love the shorter ones. The longer ones give me weird scratches on my wrists.

I'm really hoping to get these done in time to enter them in the state fair. I think I can make it. I'm finding a better knitting/roller derby balance now, and knitting more at lunchtime at work. Hurray!!!


Blogger Linz said...

The real pattern for mini baby bobbi bear has stumpy arms too... not your fault! I think it adds to his charm.

2:17 PM  

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