Sunday, February 26, 2006

Half an FO

Sock 1

One sock down, as of yesterday.

These are definitely not the best socks I've ever made, but they will be wearable and I'll like them. They are a bit short in the cuff, despite the fact that I followed the patterns suggestion as to cuff length. The gusset could definitely use improvement, and I think it looks really long in the foot. It fits ok though.

The toe really weirded me out yesterday when I was doing it. I'd never done anything other than your standard old boring toe that results in something of a flat point at the end, so this was new:

toe closeup

Yesterday, it made no sense to me as to why the decreases were done as p2tog on a field of stockinette. This morning, when taking that photo, I saw the reason though. Cool. It's a little wedge!

Tubey is also progressing:

Tubey progress

Most of that progress was actually made last Monday when I camped out at Mojoe and forced myself to work on the engineering of another, top secret project. I think it might make me look a little like a roll of five flavor life savers when I'm done. But as of yesterday's Stitch n' Bitch meeting, I am almost done with one sleeve. Black stockinette on dpns is not the most thrilling thing to work on, but I'm choosing to call it meditative.

I'm really finding the engineering of this pattern to be brilliant. I'm amazed by people who are relatively new designers who can finagle something like this so easily. It's really a kind of creativity that I'm sorely lacking right now.

Knitting is taking a bit of a back burner right now, mostly because roller derby practice keeps me busy three nights a week at the moment. I'm trying to get myself into a schedule where I can get at least a little bit done every day though, because I have several projects I can't wait to get to work on.

Next up, Carlotta will be resurrected, and I'll start some socks for my sockapaloooza pal!


Blogger roseygirl said...

One of these days I will be able to knit a pair of socks, I have signed up for a knitting sock class at the end of March, everyone seems to be knitting them and I still can't manage to make a pair, your socks look great :)

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

I think your socks turned out quite nice. I love the colors!

7:59 PM  
Anonymous meowgirl said...

five-flavor roll of lifesavers--i like that image. tubey is a neat sweater; can't wait to see yours.

the skacel circular sweater you just finished has such a fascinating construction!!

2:05 PM  

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