Thursday, February 02, 2006

I think I've decided that I like the idea of knitting exchanges so much better than the Secret Pal. Don't get me wrong -- I enjoyed SP a lot, but I kind of felt like I would fizzle out a bit and get concerned with making good enough packages monetarily or whatever rather than being able to really find out about my person well enough to make three packages that really spoke to them. Must be the introvert in me.

But I absolutely adored being in the Scarf Me! exchange a few months back, and now I'm in Sockapalooza 3. I'm matched with my person now, and I can't wait to get started. I have some free rein with a lot of the choices on color/type/etc. and her prefs match mine as far as type of sock, so this should be both easy and fun. Woo!!!


Who's the other Columbus participant I wonder. I looked at Alison's Google map and found which dot is me, but I'm perplexed about the other one (which could be multiple people I suppose too.) Come out, come out, wherever you are!

The circular sweater is ostensibly done, except for seaming the underarms. I'm not sure it fits yet though. I'll try to snap a pic later on. I may need to ask my readers to vote on whether to give the neck another try or not.

The striped socks are coming along, slowly but surely as well, though I don't think they'll be entered for any awards anywhere. I picked up the instep in the dark without a crochet hook while watching Walk the Line at Studio 35 last weekend. Actually, given that, it looks surprisingly good. But I'm not going to be bragging about this pair. Sockapaloozers, please don't be in fear of getting my socks. I hereby solemnly swear not to knit socks for anyone but myself in the dark.


Blogger Kitty Kitty said...

Hi Amy... Well it wasn't me. I did it last round, but didn't think I had time to do it this time. I can not believ how many people signed up.

Socks, Socks, Socks

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