Thursday, September 08, 2005

And now for some positive knitting progress....

Haven't had that much time to knit this week, what with work kicking my ass, and social things, and moving and packing and such.

There's nothing like moving to make you feel a bit too well endowed in the yarn department. I have taken all the Lion Brand and Encore to storage, yet that still leaves me with three under bed boxes, a milk crate, and a large Rubbermaid tote full of yarn (and books and needles) not to mention the yarn for active projects, which is still sitting around in baskets and bags. Fall and winter shall be the seasons of stashbusting for me.

Anyway, I did begin Carlotta finally. I have a whole six rows done. Am starting to believe I may indeed be insane for attempting a sweater on 1s and 3s, but I love it. Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply feels ever so slightly scratchy in the ball, but knits up into soft goodness:

And then, there is Crusoe, which I have been able to work on in the dentist's waiting room and at lunch and such:

I'm still loving the stranded pattern for its ability to break up the pooling of Lorna's Laces, but I must admit that now that the sock is actually going to fit me, that's not working as well as it had been. Sadness.

And today's achievement, is an actual decent start on the second scarf for the art show at my place of work. I realized I actually have to have it done by Tuesday, so I figured I'd better get to work. Finally, I convinced myself that since this scarf is all about showing off the fantastic yarns it's made of, I'd be better off attempting something simpler in the stitch department than I had been.

(What is up with my camera when the batteries start to drain? I assure you, there are no actual neon colors in that scarf, and it's actually much better looking, at least in the color department.)

So there we have it. Garter stitch. With the occasional drop stitch or seed stitch row. Doesn't get much simpler than that. But I think it's working. I'm using odd bits of stuff I find here and there, in addition to my stash of "luxury" scarf yarns. Which means that all the yarn bins I'd so carefully packed earlier this week are now open and sprawling in the living room again. Oh well.

A big hello also goes out to any of the Scarf Me participants who're stopping by. I probably won't be starting my official scarf until next week, so this one will suffice for now.

And a hello to Janet who is our latest Downtown Columbus Stich n' Bitch-er to be infected by the blogging bug!


Blogger Kitty Kitty said...

So what is the scarf art show that you are working on the scarf for??? I really like the second scarf you are working on.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

you have been busy! Love it!

8:02 PM  

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