Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Finished...as usual, just in time

So I have to drop off my stuff for the art show at work tomorrow. I found this out late last week, and it gave me one evening fewer than I thought I had to get it done.

But I made it.

The glistening of my skin in this first shot, combined with the fact that I'm wearing a tank top, exhibits the ridiculousness of knitting a mostly wool scarf in this weather. But it shows the colors accurately, so I'll post it nonetheless:

These two show some of the various yarns and stitches that I used, though with a bit less color accuracy:

As you can see, it's mostly garter stitch, with some variety added with occasional wrap-type drop stitch (what *is* this actually called?) and seed stitch and basketweave added at random. The fringe is Colinette Giotto, a heavenly ribbon yarn that's occasionally in the scarf too. That bright green boucle stuff is Alchemy Roots and Leaves, a ridiculously expensive, but oh-my-god-luxurious yarn that is heaven as far as novelty yarns go. I have most of the ball left, but as it was only 55 yards to begin with, I'm not sure what else that will go with.

I love this scarf. I knitted the ends in as I went, so there are some bulky spots where you can see that, and some purl side color changes that I'd normally hate, but it works for the type of "rustic" boho look I was going for. Plus, it kind of reminds me a bit of a Victorian crazy quilt.

I think this one has about 20 hours of work in it. Given that I started it last Thursday, and I knitted it really pretty tightly (on US 6 needles, and some of those yarns are bulky, to give you an idea) my wrists aren't really happy with me. So it's ibuprofen, and off to bed now.


Blogger Kitty Kitty said...

I am not sure if it is officially known as a Ladder Stitch, but that is what Maggie Jackson uses in all the Maggie Knits for that stitch.

The final product looks great! So where is the art show????

11:13 AM  
Blogger wittyknits said...

Ladder Stitch sounds good to me!

The art show is where I work. They do all these "theme day" kind of things and this year there is an art show. So not a huge thing, but some of my friends here were egging me on to enter, so I am. :-)

12:40 PM  

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