Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Slouchy hat

I needed some instant gratification knitting the other night, so I picked up the ball of kooky boucle yarn I got in Chicago, and some size 15 needles, and set about to make myself a sloppy slouchy hippie hat.

Now, the instant gratification part didn't really work out, because somehow, I completely ignored my gauge and managed to not once but twice cast on for a hat that was more of sweater diameter. But the third time was a charm and I ended up with cute headgear, almost exactly like what I'd set out to make:

Pattern: Loosely based on the tam in the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd
Needles: Size 15 Circular
Yarn: Karabella Puffy, 100% Merino Wool.

I look a bit off in that second photo, but my roommate took it so the colors look more spot on. Plus, it could be worse. My hair is hiding the single worst zit I've had in 15 years, otherwise that photo wouldn't be featured here at all.

I continue to work on my Scarf Me! pal's scarf--I'm through about 1.5 balls of Cork right now. After that, once I finish the VW bug cozy piece, I'm allowing myself to cast on two more projects at a more normal needle size since everything else I have on needles right now is on US size 4s or smaller. So that will likely be the Hourglass Pullover from LMKG, and a Clapotis. Yes, I'm finally breaking down and making one. I kind of feel I have to since I bought the Lion and Lamb in Chicago. The thing that cinched it was that when I went to check out the pattern this afternoon I realized that it does include instructions for making it smaller, which I will need to do since I prefer a skinnier, more "scarfy" look, and because I only have two hanks of the yarn.

Now I just wish the weather would cool off a bit so I could actually wear some of my handknits. I don't get this whole 90 degrees in October thing. Yuck.


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