Thursday, June 09, 2005

In which our blogger uses a lot of acronyms...

I should be posting photos of my finished twist front top from VK, and the ribbon tank I just started. I should. But I'm not because I'm getting worse and worse about uploading the photos from my camera. Ooops.

Project status:
I'm plugging away on GAAA, and am officially a bit over halfway there. I should finish my 11th square this evening. I need to pick up the pace, because state fair entry forms are due next Monday, and I really want to enter this.

The aforementioned VK top is finished. It's a bit short for my taste, and I'm not quite sure why that is, as I measured fiercely. I do have a bit of a long torso--perhaps it's time to start modding patterns to compensate.

I started knitty's x-back tank out of Rowan cotton tape which I scored for about 50% off at Knitter's Mercantile last week. It's a color called "acidic." Weirdly greenish bright yellow. Perhaps not the most flattering color, it will a least make a lovely lightweight top to wear at ComFest in 2 weeks.

I think the lace scarf I started earlier has been abandoned. And Zeeby's bag actually has two completed sides, and a gusset started now, but I'm on multiple deadlines again, so it's in the project basket again.

A belated thank you to my SP4 Katy for my last package, which I received this past week. I will have to post a photo later -- I have cool knitting notecards now, amongst other fun things. I no longer have candy however, as that got promptly eaten. :-)

Got my cafepress order last night. I ordered myself one of the "knit geek" t-shirts from knitty, because let's face it, I'm not exactly hiding that well. Wore it last night to dinner with friends, and then worked on the ribbon tank while sitting at the bar at the Ravari Room afterward. A few acquaintances who didn't actually know about my knitting (what? how?) were kind of weirdly fascinated. I find that knitting without looking at what I'm doing can do that, and whenever I knit around people who aren't also knitting, I feel I do that a lot, to make sure I'm making eye contact in order to subtly say "Yes! I can do this and pay attention to conversation at the same time!" so they don't feel I'm dissing them. I might be a bit neurotic perhaps.

The one other thing I got was a wittyknits t-shirt. I had started a cafepress store a while back, and wanted to do a test run to see what they would come out looking like. It's okay, but I'd like to do some logo tweaking before getting any more. I'm excited to have that, because this weekend, Columbus plays host to the annual TNNA convention. AND I GET TO GO!!!! Yep, I weaseled my way in there by answering a craigslist ad for someone who has a booth, and it appears I should be able to go when I'm not working as well. I'll be working a booth Saturday, likely wearing my version of Bad Penny, but other days I'll probably have the wittyknits t-shirt on, so on the off chance that you are reading this, and are going to be there and you see me, feel free to say "hi." I cannot wait, as I have heard so much about the TNNA show, and would like to eventually have a booth of my own, once I get my design work up and running. So this will be a good chance to see what it's all about before I start shelling out too much money.

Speaking of shelling out money, there's been quite a bit of stash enhancement going on too lately. I shall have to post photos of my goodies later. I may also have some things to clear out and swap, though I'm not yet sure on that. And my latest purchase will also become a new project -- I ordered the TKGA's Level 1 certification packet this morning. Much knitting for judgment will ensue. After I finish the GAAA, of course.


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