Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm sooooo close to done with my top from the latest VK. It's pattern #5, the twist front top. All the knitting is done, it's blocked, and assembled, so now I'm just crocheting the trim. I got about 75% of that done this evening, but it's killing my hands, so I had to stop.

This photo's a bit behind, as the seams weren't yet sewn here, but it gives you the general gist of things:

The yarn, Berroco Denim Silk, blocks incredibly well. I have two full balls left over right now, so I need to come up with something fancy to make. I think I might mix it with some pink or other pastel ribbon yarn to feel my current color addiction.

I also made good progress on other projects this weekend. Tonight I officially hit the halfway point on GAAA, which is excellent. I also made good progress on the VK Cross Strap tank (last summer's cover pattern) which I put aside after it got too cold to wear it last summer. And I even made some progress on Zeeby's bag, despite taking it to a triple feature Saturday night, and then being unable to work on it because I left one needle at home!!! I was desperate--I even contemplated trying to knit with straws!

I did a little stash enhancing this week too. I just got enough Silk Garden this afternoon to make a cardigan--haven't got a pattern picked out yet, but there's a semblance of a shape in my head. I really only ordered that because I was placing a yarnmarket order anyway to get the last needles and yarn I needed for Carlotta. I'm a sucker for the free shipping. I also ordered some clearance priced R2 Paper from Ram Wools to experiment with.

Next up for projects: a modified Heirloom Bag in Rowan Summer Tweed (from Rowan 37), a summer twinset (shrug and halter top) from Suss Cotton, and socks galore, as soon as I get some short small metal needles. I've snapped three size 0 Brittany needles recently, so I'm taking that as a sign. Too bad the new LYS (Heavenly Creations) was unexpectedly closed this evening--I would have gotten those there. Oh well. I'll have to drive up to Knitter's Mercantile later this week I suppose. Oh, darn. :-)


Blogger Carol said...

hmmm...for some reason I can't view this picture. It's the only one that's broken and it's the one I came to see! Figures...

11:48 PM  
Blogger wittyknits said...

Should be fixed now. There's a photo of it completed a few posts later too!

1:18 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

Oh - I see. I actually searched for and found the Vogue picture. I do really like this pattern! I had been avoiding Vogue because everyone said there were full of errors, but I keep seeing patterns I like. Now I have to see if I can find this issue. You did a great job - gotta find the finished one.

10:59 PM  

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