Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Let's get Physical!

The legwarmers are done!

Needles: Size 8
Pattern: Loosely based on the legwarmers in Weekend Knitting
Yarn: Cascade 220 (Fuschia) and Ironstone New Wool (varigated jewel tones)

These are so very very 80s. Except that in the 80s, they would have been mass-produced out of some polyester crap, and these are snuggly warm and wooly.

I felt very old the other day because I was knitting at lunch, and the guy at the coffee shop asked what I was working on, so I told him legwarmers and made some dorky joke about the 80s being back. He made a reply about the weather that didn't make much sense to me. Then I realized he was too young to remember legwarmers, Jane Fonda and Get in Shape Girl, as he was probably not yet born in this original heydey of legwarmers. Sigh.

I am swearing off K1, P1 rib for a while. Those were really wearing on me toward the end.

I'm going to be making some template changes here in the new future. I'm not a fan of the generic template I'm using right now, and it seems to have some cross browser style issues over there in the sidebar, so I'm going to clean things up and build myself a real website, complete with WittyKnits theme. For now, I've cleaned up my projects lists a bit, and added [pic] links to the completed ones.


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