Sunday, September 04, 2005

Negative Knitting progress

So yesterday, I met a couple of the local girls to knit, and had a great time, except I made less than no progress.

I started working on the lace hem to the Summer IK cover dress, but quickly realized I can't read a lace chart and talk at the same time, so I put that away after about 4 rows. So that was positive progress.

Then I got out my Crusoe sock (get it, Crusoe? It's stranded!). Now, when I cast on this sock, I thought 48 stitches seemed a bit small for someone with feet the size of mine, but I decided to press on. Well, lo and behold, one of my knitting cohorts pointed out that many people have had problems getting the sock on over their instep after it's done, since it has a rolled stockinette top, and no ribbing. So I did some quick measurements and realized that there was indeed no way in hell that was going on my foot. So that got frogged, and restarted. I have about 4 rounds done now. So that's about -15 rounds of progress.

Moral of the story: it doesn't matter if you've only done a few pairs of socks before--if the math seems that far off, you're probably right. Learn to trust yourself!

It is a nice pattern though, and solves the problem of the way Lorna's Laces pools quite nicely.

Then I decided to set that aside and start on Carlotta. I got out my trusty eensy weensy crochet hook to do the beads, and set out to cast on several hundred stitches on size ones. Luckily, I noticed after only 50 or so that there are two rows of a contrasting color at the cuffs and hem edge of this sweater. A color, that of course, I did not have with me in my giant knitting bag. Sigh. So that was zero progress, yet again.

And I just now realized I was on the wrong size needle too. Gah!

So today, I think I will take a quick spin by Target to see if the rumors of $1 bamboo needles are true, just to fill out some of those odd sizes I don't yet have. No yarn though. I started packing it last night (I'm moving in a couple weeks) and when I realized how much yarn I have as measured in gallon tubs, I wanted to cry. It's a bit overwhelming. So I think there will be no more yarn purchases until I get at least three or so major projects done.


Blogger laughingrat said...

Holy shit, you were not joking about the spam. Wow.

Watching you fool with them socks yesterday was just painful. :( I am thinking of doing a rolled stockinette top on a pair soon, just for fun, but then following it with ribbing. I have the Twisted Sisters' book in the house right now, and they are fearless and have lots of interesting stitch patterns.

3:38 PM  
Blogger wittyknits said...

Yeah, I got all excited about having three comments so quickly. Guess I'd better go turn on the keyword entry. Grumble, grumble.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous karon said...

any truth to those $1.00 bamboo needles at target. i'm dying to know so i can try and find some myself.

1:09 PM  

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