Saturday, April 02, 2005

This seems wrong

My gift certificate to yarnmarket has been burning a hole in my pocket since I got it, but the urge became unbearable when my Vogue Knitting came this afternoon. This, of course, started a whole long session with the calculator and several books/magazines.

I started by trying to find yarn for the Hourglass pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for the Hourglass Knit A Long. My first thought was, "hey, make that puppy out of Cash Iroha, because you covet this yarn, and it will be a bit cheaper with the gift certificate." And, indeed, I found that the price would be the same at yarnmarket after the certificate as it would have been ordering it from Discount Yarn Shop or whatever they are called. However, all the colors I wanted were one or two balls short of what I needed, as it seems most people find themselves needing a ball or two beyond what the pattern calls for. I went back in the KAL archives and found several substitution suggestions, until I finally noticed someone using Rowan Kid Classic. I looked it up--it's mohair rather than cashmere, but it comes in better colors, and we all know I love me some Rowan yarns.

I priced it out. Here's what seems wrong: by substituting a Rowan yarn, I'm saving myself enough to buy yarn for another whole project!!! Wow.

All told, after a couple hours of websurfing and math, I'm getting Kid Classic in "Frilly" (a dark pinky maroon) for Hourglass and Berocco Denim Silk in Chocolate to do the Twisted front short sleeved top from the new VK for $1 less than it would have cost me to do the Hourglass in the Noro Yarn. Not bad at all. Plus, I should have some leftovers of both.

I also joined the Bad Penny Knit A Long this week, and started casting on for it this afternoon. I still need to finish picking up the front and neck edges of my Sitcom Chic, but I cheated and went ahead and started. Bad Amy!


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