Friday, February 29, 2008

Christmas Present - Finished! In February!

Baltimore 002
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I just finished one of Nadja's Christmas presents this weekend -- this is a randomly striped garter stitch scarf out of Terra by The Fibre Company. We picked this up in NYC at Purl while there over Thanksgiving. It's super warm and soft -- a Silk/Alpaca/Merino blend. Yummy.

I blocked this one quickly (as evidenced by the photo) but I think it will loosen up even more once she's worn it for a bit. I'd make it a bit narrower if I had it to do over, but I'm still pretty happy with it. I wove the ends in as I went on one side, and then pulled the rest through with a crochet hook when done, and so far, it's all holding.

Started a pair of gloves for myself two nights ago. I have especially large hands, mostly beause of my super long fingers, so finding gloves in stores to fit me is a little difficult. I've ripped up two pairs of gloves this winter, just from pushing my fingers through the ends. So I'm happy to have a custom pair of gloves. I've never made gloves before, oddly enough, and these are going super fast (using DK weight yarn) so I might be hooked. I have an idea for some fancier gloves out of sockweight yarn, so those might be up next finally!